Hands All Around Quilt Guild, Bloomington-Normal, IL

I got the car all packed up.  Anyone would think I was leaving home for a very long time, not just two nights?IMG_5274When I’m driving it just seems to make sense to take everything!!

Taking I-55 I was reminded again that Illinois is an extremely flat state… The biggest hill I spotted on the way down South was the landfill site.

Before you say anything I know that there are (small) parts where it’s not quite so flat but it really is quite remarkable how very level the road is between Naperville and Bloomington-Normal.

See how straight the horizon is on this picture of the very pretty sunset!
IMG_5284Maybe I’m comparing it to California? Not better or worse… just different?

Of course I was “down South” to visit the quilters of the Hand All Around Quilt Guild. Fortified by a good dinner with the ladies of the program committee, we made our way to the Mennonite Church where meetings are held.

I was glad to see the workshop table was busy.
IMG_5285The community projects chair people are always such nice people!IMG_5286

The president kept the business meeting on task. With almost 300 members there seemed to be no shortage of volunteers for all the activities the guild are involved in.

Last night saw the unveiling of the Guild’s mystery quilt project. It apparently involved a goose?IMG_5290Everyone was excited to see the final quilts unwrapped…IMG_5291and finally revealed in three different fabric schemes!IMG_5292

Good times.

Next up was show and tell.  A beautiful Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, so pretty in pastels.

IMG_5293A contemporary flower appliqué quilt with fun quilting.IMG_5295Three baby quilts from one busy stitcher.IMG_5299 (1) They all had pieced backings for us to admire too.IMG_5300 (1)And an antique quilt top rescued from an estate sale and finished with love.IMG_5302
What a tough act to follow…

I have to say people were very polite and I didn’t spot anyone leaving during my Language of Flowers lecture.  I had a good view from up on the stage!

One of the fun parts of the lecture is a little floral giveaway. We had six winners last night. Today’s featured image shows the flowers they took home. Have you ever stopped to think how similar the reasons we give quilts are to why we might buy flowers?


We’ll get onto the workshops next time…


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  1. Karen said:

    I spent a big chunk of my life in Indiana–flat, flat, flat, too! But some rolling hills in Brown County in the south. Looks like you had a terrific time and what beautiful quilts!

    February 6, 2016

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