Embroidery and Beading… the new Normal?

Friday morning I left the hotel, early if not bright, for the short ride (via Starbucks for a venti non fat latte with an extra shot…) and set up for one fun day.

The Hands All Around Quilters Guild had me booked for Embroidery and Beading for Quilters.

We started off with embroidery. After a short demo everyone set to work.IMG_5305 We had a full class stitching away. I just love how sociable hand work is.IMG_5309 Some had come prepared with extra light…IMG_5311 There were lots of ladies working away on their basic stitches.IMG_5309We had a very busy and productive morning.

Lunch was provided and was excellent! Chicken salad croissants,veggie tray, and chocolate biscuits. The conversation continued but there was more stitching to be done. The beads were brought out and off we went again…IMG_5318Single beads, beaded back stitch…IMG_5312 But what was going on behind the partition?

At 2.45 we stopped for a spot of tea…

Beautifully presented and fit for royalty.
IMG_5322 A place for everyone. (Notice the quilts from the night before still on display?)IMG_5323 And then back for a final hour of stacks, tassels and fringes.
IMG_5320Stitching with beads is not fast work but it can certainly add interest…
IMG_5317Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and four o’clock came before we knew it.

I hope there will be lots of embroidered and beaded quilts at show and tell in the future.

The machines will come out tomorrow!


Today’s featured image? Embroidery as embellishment in progress on a batik panel from Bali…



  1. Nancy Somers said:

    It was a fun day of learning embroidery and beading embellishment. And, I thought the afternoon tea was so appropriate for our lovely and talented teacher! I wish we had had our fascinators! (I think that is what you call those cute hats.)

    February 7, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      Fascinators would have been fun. Maybe next time?

      February 7, 2016
  2. Debi Winchester said:

    Next time fascinators for sure!

    February 24, 2016

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