Fun times with Sue Spargo!


Well I made it out to SoCal before the snow hit Chicago… Sheila and the sun were awaiting me at Ontario Airport! I removed my socks, collected my luggage and we were ready for some fun.

We enjoyed the afternoon at Road to California, visiting all the vendors but hardly opening our wallets. Perhaps this means we have finally grown up and realize we have nearly everything we can possibly need in life? I bought some #24 chenille needles, a pretty little flower pin and  a yo-yo scarf and that was it! I picked up some upgrades for my sewing machine from the nice gentleman in the Bernina booth. Apparently wool, monofilament and metallic threads are all going to be a breeze to stitch! We will see.

Friday was spent “at leisure” and we set off bright and early for our class on Saturday.

We signed up for Red Clover with Sue Spargo way back in July on the first day registration opened. So, with kits in hand, needles, threads, coffee and a banana we were prepared for the day. Sue opened with an overview of wool applique Contemporary Folklore style and we set to work.

Here is Sheila with her pieces basted, ready to whip stitch down. Note extra light and trash bag. She knows what she is doing!

We got most of the block stitched down and the day was already over! Like a good girl I went home and did my homework and returned on Sunday with all my pieces stitched and prepared to embellish…

Sue spent the day chasing after her full class, teaching stitches, dispensing advice and sharing from her goody bag of speciality threads. Here she is, letting us in on the secret of a perfect bullion stitch…

By the end of the day I was halfway down one side of my block…

Do you like the bee?

We took a full lunch break to get around all the quilts in the show. After all that is the point of a quilt show isn’t it? It was fun to see a couple that we had seen at PAQA, including Denise Havlan’s little quilt This Year’s Vintage which had a ribbon on it!

Before we left we needed a picture with Sue, a happy if weary trio…

and I thought I needed a picture of the destination… This is Sue’s finished Red Clover quilt.

I think it might be a few months before mine is done. Watch this space!!

Sue is a great teacher, friendly, knowledgeable and patient, everything I was hoping for. We have her booked for Riverwalk Quilters in 2013, more fun times to look forward to.