From sea to shining sea!

If a picture is worth a thousand words what can nineteen pictures say?

I decided the only way I can possibly catch up with everyone is to tell it in pictures. In the last two months I have traveled almost coast to coast and I am off out again on Tuesday so here we go…

Blue Valley Quilters Guild in Overland Park, Kansas were fabulous hosts, picking me up at the Kansas City Airport and taking me to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art… even before I had done anything useful!

I did give a lecture and a wool appliqué workshop before I flew home…

There was a good crowd for both events.


Home for the weekend and then out again. This time it was a smaller plane for the flight to Springfield Missouri, followed by a taxi ride to Branson. AQS Quilt Week kept me fully occupied with two lectures, the All Star Review and  five classes. No pictures of Branson or the countryside…

Dorset Buttons.

Beading for Quilters

Dimensional Embroidery Stitches on Saturday morning…

Flying into O’Hare instead of Midway gave me a different view of the city, with the sun peeping through the rather cloudy sky.


Next up was Naples, Florida and the Naples Quilters Guild. It’s on the Gulf rather than the Ocean but it almost counts? It’s definitely a sea?

They were celebrating March as National Quilting Month with cake! Who doesn’t like cake? I managed to get the next to last slice. Everybody loved cake…

There was good turn out for my lecture. The snow birds were still in town.

Two workshops, Beautiful Buttons (buttons all day!) and Pretty in Paisley WITH Beads.


Naperville for Easter. Julia and Matt came for a long weekend. They had lots of jobs on the agenda. A new mailbox replaced the one the snow plow knocked over.

Ruby set her hammock up under the trees in the back yard.

A secret somebody played the piano.


No pictures of the Zoom lecture on the next Saturday morning with the Colonial Piecemakers of Williamsburg, Virginia.


Then there was the sun event. I put on my glasses to have a peek at the 90%ish partial eclipse we got, and snapped the popular colander shot.


Off out again. This time to the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild in Palm Desert, California. I flew to Ontario and Sheila picked me up and came with me. She was a trooper in the Friday night Coachella festival weekend traffic…

We went to see the palms that the area is named after. A real life Palm Springs oasis in the desert. The springs occur naturally at the San Andreas fault. Definitely worth a look. (I wasn’t driving)

I was in town to work. We took a Trip Around the World on Saturday morning and then The Scenic Route (walking foot quilting) on Sunday.

There are lots of pictures on the guild’s Facebook page.


I flew home Monday and got ready for a Zoom lecture on Tuesday evening with the South Bay Quilters Guild, Redondo Beach, California. My sixth Trip Around the World in seven weeks! That’s a lot of miles.

And then Friday off I went again, ready to spend Saturday in person with the South Bay quilters for a busy wool appliqué class. (It’s so much more fun in real life)

We were just a few miles from the coast. Lucy took me to take a look after class.

So… I really have been from one sea to another in the last six weeks! It took a lot of people to make it possible. I hope you will thank your Guild’s program chair next time you get the chance.


I have been home this week but I am off to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in New Orleans next Tuesday. It’s going to be very busy so I don’t think I will get chance to go into the city itself. If you are in the area, come and say hi… there are still some spots available in class… You can sign up on the website

You know it will be fun!



Today’s featured image is a cactus at the Sunnylands Center in Palm Springs. I found out for myself that the prickles are sharp and will get you if you stand too close (Stay on the path)