February Butterfly

Before we start, let me say February’s butterfly might well be a moth!!

Will you allow me a little poetic license  please?

It’s still a lepidopteran of the lepidoptera order of insects… (thanks Wikipedia for this definition)

You can find the downloadable diagram under the Year of Butterflies tab.

Here’s my interpretation for inspiration.

You should try and make it your own.

The wool appliqué cutting and placement diagrams are also available.

Here’s one I stitched while I was in California.

The Facebook page is up and walking. Please join in at Catherine Redford: Year of Butterflies 2018 and post pictures of your progress or ask questions. I’m not sure what is going on with my regular page and the new FB algorithms so that’s the best way to get updates right now.

(I do check everyone who asks to join. Just so you know I prefer to see some quilts in your profile 🙂 )

I’m going to post a little tutorial to help you with some wool appliqué tips and tricks very soon but today I have to finish loading the car and set off to Wilmette for a lecture and two workshops…

There has been no time to get bored this week?