Fabric Painting at Rosemont

Last Thursday I set off for Rosemont, and I managed to get there and parked without getting lost, not even once… The walk from the parking garage to the classes doesn’t get any shorter with time but I met Cheryl and we walked together. My training on the treadmill definitely paid off.

So I was in good shape for Painting with Tsukineko Inks class. Judy is such fun to work with. We painted with the applicators and then with paint brushes and aloe.

Here are the applicator paintings, a pomegranate,


and a purple triangle made into a cone,


and here is the more painterly effect with aloe mixed in with the ink.


Cool don’t you think?


Then a little shopping and quilt viewing before the drive home and a quick nap and a return drive, this time with Stephanie on Friday morning.

Friday’s class was Painting for Whole Cloth Quilts. We used fabric paints and Judy’s pictures. I chose two cute birds on a twig and got started on the leaves. I am slow.

This is my morning’s efforts…


No birds yet… they appeared in the afternoon, along with glazing techniques to add “depth and shading”. I picked up the lingo I think!


I still need to fill in the background and I’m no Judy Coates Perez but I learned a lot. I got my questions answered and I was Teacher’s Pet (what a shock) so I got my pin!

In between times I did a little more shopping and quilt viewing… 


(I’m in Paducah this week and it’s my turn in the bathroom so I will return to shopping and a fun dinner experience later)