Another UFO completed!

I finally finished my Confetti Quilt (Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts from Possibilities). I decided it needed some Big Stitch hand quilting as well as some basic machine quilting so it took longer than I had hoped to complete….


I found I still had plenty of coordinating fabric to use for the binding… I now have another quilt pinned and ready for quilting.


Yesterday Trish Williams came to Riverwalk Quilters Guild to speak and show us some of her quilts. She was a refreshing change of pace and was genuinely inspiring to listen to.

I particularly liked her quilt  Lost Boys which was a comment on the youth of society, contrasting the boys of Sudan who have nothing, but push to succeed, and those in her back yard who just won’t take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them. She put it so much better than that but here’s the quilt…



Tomorrow I’m off to the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont. I’m taking classes with Judy Coates-Perez so I am expecting a good time!


Alzheimer Quilt update: My quilt sold for $150, the highest price reached in April. Very exciting. Thanks for buying it Sharon!

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  1. Catherine,
    Thank you so much for posting about “Lost/Found” on your blog and it was pure joy being with your guild. I got so much encouragement from your members. Thank you again

    April 16, 2009

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