Day 3 already!

Day 3 in Cincinnati found us up and about early if not bright! We needed our grande cups of coffee before class. I was headed to Nancy Eha’s Organic Beading for Art Quilters. This is Nancy’s piece… mine is still very much in progress!

After a morning spent in deep concentration… (It takes strong lenses and a steady hand to thread a number 12 needle!) I headed upstairs for lunch in the largest of the ballrooms at the Duke Energy Convention Center. It does have amazing draped ceilings…

and then a little retail therapy before class began again.

Nancy’s crown had only slipped a little by the time she inducted us all into the Royal Order of Bead Explorers or ROBE for short.


Then Saturday Sampler and dinner in the bar rounded out the evening before we headed upstairs where I examined my spoils…

I would call that an eclectic mixture of treasures including handmade acorn pincushions, my favorite Stewart Gill stencils, Indonesian fabric, metallic fish beads, and from the sampler, a pattern and circular graph paper by Barbara Olson and a baggie dyed silk scarf and silk broadcloth square from Marlene Glickman. fairly restrained by some people’s standards?

Meanwhile Cheryl was ironing a stack of paper towels… Enough said?


Last day  in Cincinnati today! I think we are planning a quick sweep of the exhibition hall before we head home.

Fun times!

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