Cincinnati… 3″n’s” and 1″t”

It took longer to learn to spell Cincinnati than it it did to drive here with Cheryl today! We sped across the I-80 onto the 65 and south on the 74 into town…I had just a little snooze in the passenger seat on the way to the International Quilt Festival, making its debut in Ohio this year.

After checking in  at our hotel we hot-footed it across the street to the convention center to book some classes. As a late registrant I couldn’t convince the poor guy on duty to give me a free bag and tote but I am enrolled in Noriko Endo’s class tomorrow and Nancy Eha’s on Saturday so I should be returning home better educated than I set off!

Then, having taken care of the important stuff we went in search of nourishment at Fountain Square. It was a very interesting fountain…


We were back for the doors opening at 5pm. The show is smaller than it ever was in Chicago, no Make-it-U, very few arty vendors but do not worry. There were still plenty of shopping opportunities… Here is my first day’s haul.

I bought wool applique materials, some interesting new interfacings along with hot pink sari silk and some pins that are supposed to recover after being bent up to 45°… and a mug because I am short of mugs(?)!!


Time to rest, ready for another hard day tomorrow!!