Catching Up… new quilts.

I have several hand stitching projects in various stages of production but something in me was yearning to sit at the machine last weekend.

So, I drew out some designs, shopped (a little!) and then got to construction…

The spare room has been asking for some wall art since I moved things around in the summer. Here above the bed, and hiding where a shelf used to be, is Windows1.

DSC06474Here’s a close up of the matchstick quilting lines one eighth of an inch apart in an off-white shade of 50wt Aurifil thread…

DSC06468That’s a lot of stitches to cover a 27″ x 54″ quilt!!

The opposite wall has a white area  for projecting movies from a projector on the now non-existent shelf… (seemed like a good to James at the age of 19?). I made another quilt for that space, Windows2. It’s around 30″ by 29″.

DSC06476I had a fat quarter of the Cloud 9 fabric from the Bark and Branch collection for the “windows” and pulled from my Marcia Derse fabrics for the mustard.

DSC06471The quilting on this one is a grey tone on tone thread from Aurifil that I think really added an extra dimension to the open areas with some more dense straight line stitches.


The first visitors are due this evening. I hope they appreciate my new art work!

Back to the hexagons now…

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  1. sue said:

    Nice work! If I ever need to get away, I’ll come stay in your guest room!

    December 20, 2013

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