Catching Up… celebrating the season!

I’m still catching up on my December doings.

The other Monday was definitely a good day for celebrations…

Celebration Number One:

It was extremely cold outside (around 14F) but an intrepid band of travelers went into Chicago on the train and posed for a photo in a suitably festive spot (inside). Here is the Breakfast Club: Iris, Bernie, Scheri, Catherine, Mary Ellen, Charley, Sue and Jan with me on the end.

ladies1 copy

Celebration Number Two:

Meanwhile, in St. Charles Barb was hosting a holiday party at her lovely home and I took a picture to show how much fun we were having. Here are Jane, Ann, Emily, and Laura on the back row with Frieda and Barb in front.


These ladies are all friends of the Chicago School of Fusing and it was very kind of Barb to invite me to their luncheon. Everyone made a dish to share. I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on top in the hope I will be allowed to join them again sometime…(please?)

At this point, if you are at all alert you might be wondering how I was in two places at the same time?

Isn’t Photoshop a wonderful thing?

In fact, both Iris and I didn’t make it into Chicago. However, we were at breakfast the following Thursday where we were photographed by Scheri…  then Iris added us in with the others… after all I did think about them wandering around in the bitter cold from time to time. I’m thinking a return trip downtown in the Spring might be more my style?

Tomorrow, I’m going to finish my catching up with two little quilts I made this week!