California, dreaming of flowers!

As promised, I have pictures of the flowers.

We left the house at about 9.45 yesterday morning, allowing enough time for the sun to come up and beat the traffic?

It seemed like a lot of people had had the same idea, or was it because of the continuing coverage on the news? That’s when it’s good to be with a local šŸ™‚

We had scoped out a slightly more remote parking area on Monday and headed there. Sure enough there were a few legal spots left and we were able to leave the car and head up the trail.The trail was steep, that was OK , but I’ve never done well with uneven and slippy… This is as far as I got before I decided that I was much better safe than sorry. I don’t have time for injuries!I stayed to take my beautiful pictures while Sheila, ever the adventurous one… she climbed up the temple in Belize… went on further.

There were all sorts of flowers, not just poppies.
These purple ones were so pretty.What did I miss?Wow! Amazing? That path over the valley is the one in Walker Canyon where all the traffic is. Much more unfit non-hiker friendly I think.

I was just wondering whether I should send out a search party when Sheila came back down the hill with just a few bumps and bruises to show, and that picture!

Sheila got in close for some more photographs..Time to move on and let someone else take our parking spot. The poppies looked so lovely against the brown soil on this bankWe had wondered about going to Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet but the wildflower trail is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays šŸ™ We decided to go for a drive in that direction anyway. Sheila hadn’t been there in a long time and she’s always one to go see what’s there…

Suffice to say the flowers are everywhere this year! Pictures don’t do justice to the scenery, so I won’t bore you with them. What’s most amazing to me is that this isn’t normal. This is the best flower show for 30 years. During the drought there was nothing, not even green grass on the hills.

Here’s a field of yellow mustard growing wild near Lake Matthews.It’s non-native but it looked pretty against the blue skies.We were on our way home but we wanted a picture of the blue lupines. We had seen a patch on our travels so we headed over for a close up view.Look where they were!We parked in a Carl Juniors parking lot and took the sidewalk, crossing with the light, so we were moderately safe at all times…

Worth getting up close?A good day. We took over 200 pictures between us so getting it down to just twelve was hard. You can always ask me when you see me and I’ll show you more. I’m not an expert on Californian wild flowers so please feel free to comment with the identities of the ones I’ve shown. It’s good to be a life long learner.

Time to go home today. I’m flying at lunchtime, a brief stop and change of planes in Sacramento and I’ll be at Midway around 9 PM. I couldn’t have done that 100 years ago!

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