Another day, another flight!

Well, I’m not in Illinois any more…

This is where I left you last…
IMG_5394 Rows and rows of very soft colored matchstick quilting. Did I tell you how much I’m loving my B 740 now it’s set into its table?

Before I set off I received another of my favorite kind of e-mails.

Walter’s wife (at least I presume that’s who sent me the picture, because it was from Walter’s address and I didn’t have a Walter in my class) sent me pictures of her finished wool appliqué project from Houston last year.

(update Walter’s wife has a name… thanks for letting me know Lois!)IMG_2636

The batik frame set her embroidery off beautifully… The lines echo her leaf veins. Super!

I’m going to be teaching two wool appliqué classes at International Quilt Festival this year. One, the three hour version and one for six hours when we will have time to try lot of embroidery and embellishment stitches.

So where in the world is Catherine this week?

I took the 8.35 AM flight back to Ontario yesterday morning.  Steve drove me to the airport setting off at the ridiculous hour of as soon after six as he’s ready… (!! for those who know Steve) I left home made chicken and vegetable soup AND beef stew this time.

Yesterday was the first time in a long while I’ve been brave enough to take a window seat on a morning flight. I’ve always been a little wary of being shut in, but I really wanted to see where we were going. I knew I would prefer to be on the North side of the plane going West. Early Bird check in works wonders and I got just the seat I was hoping for. I know that means someone else didn’t get it and that always leaves me torn, but it would look pretty stupid if I got on at A31 and took a middle seat at the back wouldn’t it?

Illinois, Missouri and Kansas were covered in clouds but they cleared around Colorado for a first view of the Rockies at Pueblo West.
IMG_5405Rio Grande National Forest was looking good too.IMG_5407More snow covered mountains…IMG_5411This was Mexican  Hat, Utah. IMG_5418From our vantage point it looked like there was some alien monster from Doctor Who about to emerge on the planet?

The USA really is a big place. We flew for miles and miles over vast tracts of empty space… empty of people that is. Of course there was a lot to see. Every so often there were some clouds but eventually we were over Arizona and the Grand Canyon.IMG_5430When we visited it back in 2009 I knew it is big but from the air it just goes on and on …and on! I took lot of pictures.

And then there is desert… I’ll spare you the views of that. Here’s a photo I think is fun.

IMG_5446I noticed our shadow on the ground as we came into land. Small things and small minds come to your thoughts?

So here I am. I stayed with Sheila last night and we are headed to Pasadena for QuiltCon later this morning. I left Naperville at around 28 degrees. This was the temperature in the shade at Sheila’s yesterday afternoon.

Almost too warm… It’s going to be slightly cooler the next few days, in the seventies. Good weather, good friends, and quilts. Better than even my wildest dreams!


  1. Chris said:

    You know we left South Dakota between blizzards and have been enjoying the warm Gulf weather for a week now. I can scarcely believe the temperatures back home that I see on my smart phone because we’re running the a/c here. #Bestquilthusband shows no signs of heading back home…but I miss my sewing machine. Next year, he says, the sewing machine may come along!! We’ve already reserved our condo and there is plenty of room!

    February 18, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      I hope you have some hand work with you… Sitting outside with a little bit of stitching? Perfect!

      February 18, 2016

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