An excellent adventure with the Riverwalk Quilters!

I became a member of the Riverwalk Quilters Guild in my home town of Naperville back in 1999!

It had been almost six years since I was the guest speaker at a meeting. Such a lot has happened since then. I wrote a new lecture especially for the occasion.

I thought I had better take pictures before I started.IMG_7685I needed to make sure everyone was still awake?IMG_7686They were a great audience for Catherine’s Excellent Adventures in Quiltie-land, which was basically all about me…

After I finished there was a chance to get a closer look at the quilts I had taken along. IMG_7687I went home and repacked my bags for the workshop we had booked for the next day. Just one purple suitcase, my sewing machine and traveling table…IMG_7690The class was held down in Lockport at Thimbles. They have a beautiful upstairs classroom. There was an elevator to get everyone’s stuff upstairs and we soon set to stitching.IMG_7691Lots of walking foot quilting, followed by free motion stitching in the afternoon.IMG_7694Yes! we did it all in one day. Now all we need to do is practice…

My class sample is today’s featured image. We really did try everything.


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