Modern Machine Quilting at Quilters Quest, Woodridge IL

I didn’t have far to drive on Friday morning! Just four miles to Quilters Quest in Woodridge. I might indeed think of the store as my Chicago Quilt Home these days? (Don’t you love the new Row by Row license plate available now in store?)

A lively group of ladies came and set up their machines for some Modern Machine Quilting fun. We had a couple of real vintage machines on the right hand side of the room. They took things in their stride.

IMG_7699The BERNINA ladies all sat on the other side of the room! I’m not sure why but it just worked out that way. I hope they all went home and found their knee lifts.IMG_7700Seriously, if you are in a class with me and you own a machine with a Free hand System aka knee lift and you don’t bring it with you, you can expect to hear about it… more than once. So now you know!

Remember the class sample I made back in March?IMG_5884We spent the morning on our walking foot techniques and put the feed dogs down in the afternoon to try out some free motion stitching. Six hours was not really enough time for a lot of practice but I hope there will be some finished quilts in the ladies’ futures.


I’m still working on my hand embroidered Mayan hieroglyphics. Here’s two of the latest to emerge on my red background cloth.IMG_7711I’m having a good time with the variegated pearl cotton threads from House of Embroidery.IMG_7709
I’ve got lots more to do!


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