I feel bad because I haven’t posted in over a week…

Will you conclude I’m sitting at home watching TV and eating bonbons?

I have been enjoying some of the chocolate my dad brought from England but I have been working too, in between other things…

Some nights I realize I haven’t had the television on all day!

Monday and Tuesday last week I volunteered at a national conference we hosted at church. Tuesday evening was Quilt Guild. Wednesday I went to PAQA. Thursday I met up with my friends for lunch.

No pictures of them to share but I took a couple of snapshots of buildings I liked the look of…

IMG_4590 Not the best light but some interesting window placements?IMG_4594

On the way back there was a spectacular sunset. I was driving and it was past its peak by the time I arrived home. Still, this could be the color palette for a new quilt?IMG_4599 This is what work looked like this morning. IMG_4613
I added 1500 words to the Word document, sent e-mails, and made and received phone calls. I’ve updated my calendar with some interesting events.

I also ordered a box of my new DVD, expected to ship this week! The title says it all…


Exciting. It’s available for download or you can order the DVD at the Interweave Store. I’ll be running a blog hop in the New Year but I wanted to share the excitement…

Back to work!

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  1. Virginia said:

    I loved your Orchid quilt and would love to win your give-a-way….Bonnie sent me here. Also, I really love your Blog.

    January 10, 2016

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