Where did February go?

It’s March already and surely summer must be on it’s way…  There is still snow outside but apparently the temperature is due to reach 50 on Monday. I will be waiting…

Way back in February a group of young quilters who weren’t complaining about the weather got together to make these Patrick Lose Poster Quilts at Pieceful Heart Fabrics. They did a wonderful job. Here they are with their tops ready to take home and finish. Well done girls! (and the quilting partners that came with them to make the Quilter and Child class a success)

Jan Krentz visited Riverwalk Quilters in February. Her flight was delayed due to the snow but she made it safely to Naperville with her quilts. The brave guild members who came out to hear her lecture enjoyed a good time. The two day workshop making Quick Star quilts went very well but we were hungry…

Here is Jan with a plate of frog legs ready to hop off the plate at Hugo’s Frog bar in Naperville. (they tasted like chicken)

Nancy and friends have been busy at PHF cutting kits for some new McKenna Ryan quilts. That means I have been busy making some new McKenna Ryan quilts… First we have Double Trouble from the Lake Forest series,

and then four from the All Cooped Up series.

1. Daisy Haze

2. Hit the Hay

3. Hello World!

and 4. Proud Papa

They really don’t take very long to make and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t spend all my days cleaning so you could be forgiven for wondering just how much of my time is spent in front of the television…

Actually, I have been spending many hours as a future grandma knitting. I was able to deliver a large bag of “gender neutral” baby cardigans and blankets on Saturday, along with some Woolite detergent  and a clothes dryer with pegs.

With only four weeks to go Julia is looking good…

I had also made a play mat, fabric book and a bag to put them in using a panel and co-ordinates from me-o-my for SPX fabrics. I gave them to her at a baby shower. (Thanks to Joanne for the educational games) Julia seemed to like them. I hope the baby does too…

I have some more quilts in the works… also sheets, swaddlers, burp cloths… being a future grandma seems to be a full time job!!


  1. If you think being a future grandma is busy, wait until you are really one. It is time-consuming, but the rewards are sooooo great!

    March 5, 2010
  2. Jan Krentz said:

    Catherine, It was so terrific to come to Naperville once again! Your daughter looks radiant – congratulations, future Grandma! Hugs, Jan

    March 8, 2010

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