To StitchesWest 2023 and home again…

I flew out to Sacramento last Thursday morning. Due to the wonders of flying west it was hardly even lunch time when I arrived at my hotel. There was lots of time to stock my fridge and get sorted before opening hour for the preview evening in the StitchesWest market place.

The line of eager shoppers was stretched around the convention center…
Heavy snow had blocked the major roads over the mountains leaving several gaps in the vendor mall but there was still lots to look at, and I came away with a few purchases 🙂

My classes started on Friday morning with the ever popular Dorset Buttons!Then we made Shirt Lace Buttons in the afternoon.Saturday morning was Introduction to Folk Art Stitching,Followed by Dorset Feather Stitchery Needle Case in the afternoon.
Yes, several people popped up in more than one class!

On Sunday morning there was a smaller class for Bold Hand Stitching as Your Quilting Line but they kept me busy and I forgot to take a picture 😟

Five classes and I was finished teaching for the weekend. I did a little Wrapped Embroidery Stitch Demo in the playground, a tiny bit more shopping and then I just had to pack my bags and relax before flying home again on Monday.

It was great to see some of my Zoom buddies from all the Stitches at Home classes I’ve been involved in. There were several I hadn’t actually met in real life before! And it’s always lovely to see the Stitches team that I usually only pester with my e-mails.

Steve picked me up after a very speedy flight home. The tail winds got us back to Midway 45 minutes ahead of schedule. We were actually in the car on the way home before I was supposed to be landing. I was half way through my second movie but don’t worry I will be able to finish it next week!


Since then I have been unpacking, doing laundry, sending out books and kits for future classes and then getting ready for my next outing.

Last night I drove to Hinsdale to meet up with Salt Creek Quilt Guild. It was a wet and windy evening but there was a good turnout with another 18 members present on Zoom.
I didn’t see anyone asleep during my Language of Flowers presentation!

Show and Tell included several quilts that will be available in a live auction at the guild Quilt Show next month.This top was made in last month’s Zoom workshop the members had with Kathy McNeil using Apliquick tools. 

I’m going back tomorrow for an Embroidery and Beading for Quilters workshop. There are 20 signed up so I think it’s going to be busy day. My bags are ready, my alarm is set…

Always an adventure in Quiltie-land!