To Santa Barbara

I took two flights with a layover in Phoenix  to reach Santa Barbara airport on Wednesday. There’s something about a quilter…I hadn’t ever seen a picture of Linda and yet I knew that the friendly looking lady at the bottom of the escalator was waiting for me!

My suitcase was the very last one to be unloaded from the carts. I guess somebody has to be last. If it hadn’t been me, it would have been somebody else?

Back to Linda’s for a lovely dinner and an early night.

This has been a business trip, but first some leisure!

Thursday morning we set off for the Old Mission. The sun was beginning to peep through the clouds so a few pictures were in order.I commented on this unusual “palm tree”… It’s a cactus!

The mission was founded in 1786 and has been rebuilt and refurbished many times. The cemetery grounds are very well kept. The purple flowered Jacaranda trees are so beautiful.The skull and cross bone decor caught my eye!We managed to arrive at a quiet time.My hostess Linda was married (many years ago) in the Mission church.Back outside for some more pictures,and a few moments of contemplation by the fountain.I actually took over fifty pictures. Do ask me when you see me if you want to see more!

June is known for its cloudy weather along parts of the Californian coast and as we drove South we encountered the June Gloom!

We were headed for Roxanne’s in Carpinteria.Last time I was there was in 2011 when it was called the Treasure Hunt. I liked it then and it didn’t disappoint this time either. A fun range of solids,Colorful prints,and fun displays!Yes, a few items are coming home with me…

Must be time to eat. We went back to Santa Barbara and the harbor area so I could enjoy my lunch with a view!
The view looking back towards the mountains was good too.
Enough of all that leisure. Back to the house to prepare for the evening. Oh wait… it’s time for dinner?

Off to eat with the program committee, this time with a view of the beach at Goleta.We were right next to the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara. I’m thinking the runners we saw were from there. If you have to go for a run there can’t be too many more beautiful places to do it!

OK. Now it’s time to work. Off to the meeting with the Coastal Quilters Guild.

Fidget quilts on the Community table.
A crowd around the Treasures table. (everything free to a good home)Linda called the meeting to order and the business started. Outgoing committee chairs were thanked and their replacements were welcomed.We all enjoyed the Show and Tell.

More fidget quilts,UFOs finished,a favorite pattern finally completed,a toddler quilt for a grandson,and a big, bright and beautiful quilt I would have gladly taken home!Right, now it’s my turn.

Time to see who’s in the audience. Look left,and look right.I was booked for The Language of Flowers. I had updated my slides to include that quilt I finished on Monday. Five members took home fat quarters of fabric from Frond designs.

A good time.

Today I have been teaching my Happy Scrappy Improv class. There will be pictures soon but now it’s time to sleep. I need to set my alarm to make sure I have my bags packed for my flight tomorrow morning. Sunday is going to be a give away day. Make sure to check back in then!

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  1. bonnieb2 said:

    Your photos of Santa Barbara captured its essence so well. Thank you.

    July 27, 2017

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