Time for new class samples (again)…

Was it really 3 months? Well, apparently it was and so I have spent the last 2 weeks feverishly sewing away… It’s a good job I like what I do because  now I have an aching back and sore fingers, but lots of finished projects!


I started with a Lover’s Knot Quilt from the recently re-issued book by the same name from Eleanor Burns for Quilt in a Day. I made it in the lap size version with a floated center and angled corners. It remains a top, not a quilt (there are only so many hours in a day). I really liked it in the lower contrast teal and blue fabrics I chose…


Then I moved onto a couple of projects for “Quilter and Child”..

I made a straight forward half apron in cheerful “recycling” fabric , from the book Little Retro Aprons for Kids by Cindy Taylor Oates. It’s seen here on a rather bigger child than perhaps it was made for but it still looks cute…


and a pot of  Jelly Roses by Bunny Hill Designs made from a Moda jelly roll. I always wanted an excuse to buy one…


Next came a crazy quilt block. I’m going to use the Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool by Judith Baker Montano for C&T Publishing as the reference book for the class. We’ll make a machine stitched, foundation pieced block and then embellish it with stitch combinations and some simple silk ribbon embroidery.

I decided to use a selection of black, white and grey fabrics in cotton and silks for my foundation block and finished it with black velvet borders.


On to  a project to learn machine-trapunto and free-form feather quilting using the pattern Hearts ‘n Swirls Wall Hanging by Patsy Thompson Designs… Maybe my feathers are a bit different from Patsy’s but I think it came out OK. Here’s the whole thing…


and here’s a detail…


The pattern Hibiscus by Krissy Brawner for Quilt Country called my name at PHF, along with some luscious  new batiks so that came next. I didn’t get chance to sew the optional beads on, but it still looks pretty striking…


The embellishment technique I used for the “Woodridge tree” seemed to stir up some interest at the store so I am going to do a class on how I designed and constructed it. We’re going to call the class “Arboretum Dreaming” and include  instruction on the several different couching techniques I used.

Here’s the sample,


And last but not least came the main reason for my sore fingers… a sampler of ” fabulous flowers” from the book More Fabulous Flowers by Sharon K. Baker for That Patchwork Place. I finished this one today… just two days past the deadline… it is a good job I have a patient boss.

The flowers are fiddly, but fun to make. I wanted to try most of the different styles in the book so I made up my own arrangement and made a basket too. I also used the Clover bias strip makers I had bought and never used. They are nifty little notions!

Here is the completed sample,


and here’s a detail showing the marigolds and rosebuds…



That’s everything new. I’ll also be doing the Silk Unravelled Flowers and Swirls throw, It’s a Wrap fabric coil pot, Japanese Jigsaw quilt, “Fuse like McKenna” and Machine Quilting classes. I think that should keep me busy, with a trip to Paducah, Rosemont Quilt Show and Joanne’s graduation  all coming up in the next quarter too!


Tomorrow I’m taking the Riverwalk Quilt Guild raffle quilt to a guild in Rockford. Friday I’m looking forward to getting back to my RQG challenge piece. It’s due on Tuesday evening. I guess there’s no point being ready too early!!



  1. Julia said:

    Wow…you’ve been busy! I like the marigolds.

    February 5, 2009
  2. Kathleen said:

    I can’t believe how much you get done! Your work is amazing. The recycling bin is much too beautiful to actually use…

    February 15, 2009
  3. Brenda Klabacka said:

    Great work, Lots of patience!

    August 21, 2009
  4. Brenda Klabacka said:

    You do beautiful work!

    I found 10 completed quilt blocks. They appear pretty old, but very well cared for. I believe they were a quilt at one time, as it appears they were gently taken apart for what ever reason. The blocks are without a doubt all hand stitched. The fabric “feels” old, as in almost a brittle feel to it.

    I also found a set of 20 12in x 12in machine sewn blocks with 6 6in x 6in matching blocks. Every single large block is different, but are essentially stars with multiple colors.

    I bought these both at St. Vincent dePaul thrift Store for $20.00 total.
    I would love to find someone to finish them. Any suggestions………

    August 21, 2009

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