Talking Quilts

Once upon a time my friend Sam Hunter asked me if I would make a quilt for a book she was writing. Of course I said “yes” and lo and behold the book is written…


Quilt Talk… and the quilt is included inside…


I made a quilt for Ruby… it was supposed too be a lovely low volume quilt… I’m not too sure about the lovely bit? I did give it to Ruby when it came back from being photographed and washing helped a little… Good job Ruby isn’t picky. I thought I had a picture of her with it but I don’t.

The book has a huge pull out sheet of patterns for copying ready for foundation paper-piecing and lots of fun projects. When I run out of things to do perhaps I will make a Benjamin quilt?

The book is due out next week so you can have one too!


Meanwhile I’ve been back at the yo-yo’s.


I still have a lot of stuff to put away in the dining room…