Stitching with the Village Quilters in Wheaton

I had a lovely visit with the ladies of the Village Quilters last night.

After a very brief business meeting, the very quickest of any guild I have ever visited, I was up! Fortunately I managed to plug everything in the right socket first time and the ladies whip stitched their wool circles down while I shared my story…

Then we set to stitching perfect french knots and made a start on our bullions. At least the ladies kept smiling!

DSC03520I went around the tables for some one-to-one time.

DSC03521Don’t forget to slide your wraps down the needle before you push the needle through!

DSC03522I promised the ladies a small discount if they come and visit me at naperville quilts! with a completed project in hand. There’s nothing like an incentive to persevere!

Then we moved on to show and tell. There was an amazing selection of quilting styles on display…

DSC03523   DSC03525   DSC03527

DSC03528   DSC03530   DSC03532

DSC03535   DSC03529   DSC03531

We were finished in time to get home and catch the end of the basketball game.

These ladies wanted a closer look at my Imperial Blooms quilt before I packed it away…

DSC03538And they were still smiling…


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  1. Vicky Laws said:

    Love It….and the ladies keep smiling…

    April 9, 2013

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