Spring Quilt Market 2016, on the show floor

Today I think I should take you on the show floor! After all that is what I was in Salt Lake City for…

My hotel was right next to the Salt Palace Convention Center but it was a long walk through the center to reach the exhibition hall. My first view of Market was from upstairs through the windows.IMG_7027Twenty six aisles of exhibitors!

Inside is buzzing with activity from opening to closing time.

People are shooting videos everywhere you look. I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to staying out of the way but I soon caught on…

Here’s a shot of Latifah being interviewed in her lovely booth with Hoffman fabrics.
IMG_6899Valori Wells new lines caught my eye.IMG_6975And then I spied Latifah and Valorie together!IMG_6906

The outdoor theme was big this year.

Lindsay and Kelsey are the two sisters of Sugar Sisters Designs. Their new line Keep on Groovin’ was beautifully displayed in this camping vignette. It won the first place ribbon for single booth. Deservedly so!IMG_6942I needed a picture in the camper van.IMG_6947This “lit” barbecue was a cute detail.IMG_6948

Who wouldn’t love to own this tepee in another Riley Blake booth featuring the When Skies are Grey collection from Simple Simon and Company ?
IMG_6956The girls of Cotton + Steel are always friendly. They have become very professional about having their picture taken, lining up and posing with ease these days!
IMG_6969My favorite of their collections this time has to be Porto from Sarah Watts.IMG_6970I know Ruby would love this cat purse!!IMG_6973 (1)And these children’s clothes are so adorable.IMG_6972Flowers were everywhere.

Meadow by Dena Designs for Free Spirit.
IMG_6909Lovely details…IMG_6910Moving across to Joel Dewberry’s Calimod collection, also for Free Spirit,IMG_6923back to Riley Blake and Fantine by Lila Tueller,IMG_6952and over to Maribel By Annabel Wrigley for Windham Fabrics.IMG_6961Lots of big flowers in the Michael Miller Booth,IMG_7013and a beautiful window display of Wildflowers from the Niemeyers for Timeless Treasures.IMG_7022

One of my reasons for attending market each year is to catch up with friends, and make some new ones. The featured image at the top of the post is me and Kaye England who is always a joy to spend a few minutes with. She is so wise!

Here’s Melissa Marie Collins from Frond Design Studios. Two big pairs of blue glasses.

IMG_7009The Frond booth was quite something!IMG_7005We used to watch Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts every morning…

Here she is with her new rulers from Quilters Select…and me!IMG_6997

Too much?

What is too much is seeing my DVDs on display!IMG_6904Really!IMG_6903Of course I have lots more picture stop share but I’m going to leave it there for now.

I’m in Calgary getting ready for my stint at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. My plane was delayed yesterday so my plans for today changed a little, giving me time to catch up on a few things… I’m hoping to see a little of my surroundings… more pictures to come?


  1. Susan Earl said:

    So enjoying your posts. I will never go to a quilt market so it is nice to see it through your eyes.

    May 24, 2016
  2. Sandy Hess said:

    That first picture, where you were looking down, I’m surprised you didn’t just parachute right into it! What a great adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    May 24, 2016
  3. I loved going to quilt market vicariously through this post. I am going to share it on my page tomorrow for all of us that will never get there! Thanks!

    May 24, 2016

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