Return to Solon

Sometimes it seems like the day will never come and yet before you know it the day has arrived…

I packed the car early on Monday morning for just such a day…IMG_2977A big roll of quilts, a box of stuff, outfits on hangers and a small suitcase…

I’d done the pale pink Bubble Bath manicure on Saturday.


Why yes, I was on my way back to KS Productions in Solon, Ohio to tape a second DVD on Modern Machine Quilting!

Three hundred and seventy miles or so later there I was. It looked just like I remembered. When I arrived my good friend Laura Wasilowski was watching Frieda Anderson on set, taping a segment for QATV.IMG_2982

I unloaded the car and set out all my goodies (I’d brought far too much of course!) to relax after their long journey.IMG_2988And that was all I had to do on Monday.

We all went out for dinner and I enjoyed a good night’s sleep ready for the big day.

Tuesday morning I returned to the studio for make up where Karen made a valiant attempt at making me presentable. We arranged my trays by chapter. Nearly time to show the past few months work to the world!

IMG_2993Workshops, which is what I was doing, are taped after the day’s TV filming so I had a few hours to await my turn…

but eventually my time had come!

The set was rearranged,IMG_2997I put my ear piece in,IMG_3002ready to go!
IMG_3004I had a lot to talk about.IMG_2999Meanwhile it was busy in the production room.
IMG_3007Eight chapters later there was just time for a few last pictures,
IMG_3010and we were done!

Time for dinner and a margarita…
Modern Machine Quilting: part two… I’m not quite sure of its official title… will be available before Christmas. All free motion, completely user friendly, with an English accent! As soon as I know more you will know too.

The proof will be in the watching?

Everyone was so helpful and kind… the team at KS, everyone from Quilting Arts and all my fellow fiber artists in town to film their segments. Many thanks to all!

Today’s featured image is my new pair of silver shoes. They made all the difference?

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  1. mary del nagro said:

    took classes from ms. redford in naperville. quite enjoyable, learned a lot. wish she were in atlanta, ga. area where i am located now. would love to take more classes. mary

    September 18, 2015

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