Quilt!Knit!Stitch! 2015 edition… part one

I’m home again!

It’s time to catch up on last week’s adventure…

I was ready bright and early on Wednesday morning, luggage packed, stacked by the front door. I needed a full size carry on to get the last few business cards in. Those big bags were very close to fifty pounds each!


Everything arrived in Portland without a hitch, I checked in at my hotel and set off down the hill to the convention center where preparations were well under way.

Quilt!Knit!Stitch! was in town with the team from Quilts Inc.


I have lots to show and tell from my five days in Portland so I’ll be splitting it up a bit. Let’s start with a first for me!

My first ever solo exhibit… Fitting in well with the stitch part of the show…


Seventeen pieces of African Folklore Embroidery in all, arranged beautifully by the special exhibits department…


I managed to snap a quick pic of some show goers who stopped by to have a look.


This is probably the best picture I have of this quilt, Village Life in African Folklore Embroidery.


It was hung on the end cap with two teapots and a basket…

IMG_2611where these ladies stopped to take photographs too!

So much fun seeing my work hung with official signage… like a real show. Oh yes, pinch me… it was a real show!

We’ll visit some classes tomorrow…

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  1. ter said:

    how exciting and fun… thanks for sharing you fun days and travels with us… can not wait to see the rest of the fun.

    August 18, 2015

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