Quilters and Children at Pieceful Heart Fabrics

Well, it’s been a busy week but things have sttled down for a day  so I can put these pictures up. On Sunday I enjoyed a fun afternoon with six young quilters and their adults for a tote making class. I designed the tote bag and wrote the pattern so it can be completed in one sitting. No homework!! There were no major injuries to report and everyone finished their totes. Here are the novice quilters hard at work..

As always people worked at their own pace and some quilters demanded more support (some might call it interference, but the afternoon was about the generations enjoying their time together, so almost anyhting was allowed…) so tote bags were finished at different times. I took pictures as each one was completed and taken into the shop for admiration from staff and customers alike. Here are the finished products with their proud owners…

None of these girls had taken a class before. One had never sat behind a sewing machine before. Didn’t they do a good job? I’m dreaming up a new class for the next quarter. They said they want to make a wall hanging… Maybe something with a fall theme would be good?