part 2 (hand work)

I have enjoyed many happy hours “sewing fine seams” recently… I like sitting at the machine putting pieces together, assembling quilt tops and adding the quilting lines. Binding is not my favorite step in the process but it means I am nearing the destination… a finished quilt is approaching… so I do it with a smile on my face. I listen to BBC Radio 4 on my computer while I am working, keeping up to date with the important goings on in Ambridge and the world beyond…

It’s all good but it’s not very sociable. The basement is a great space but it gets a little lonesome down there! So I am expanding my horizons. I have been doing an increasing amount of hand work over the last months. I bring it up to the family room or kitchen and watch the ever changing world of the back yard while I sew. I can pack it up and take it with me to my subdivision needlecraft group or even to coffee with friends. And, of course I can keep up to date with the programs on the dvr!

So, here are some of the projects I have completed in the last 6 weeks or so…

First are the blocks from the 2011 Sue Spargo block of the month program Imperial Blooms. I posted a picture of the January block before but in February we added the bullion knot crosses on the blue flower petals (It was actually March when I sewed them!) This is the completed January block.

Here is the February block. The green velvet it was tricky. It’s a learning process, right?

And this is the March block. I basted an arrow in the top left hand corner to remind me which way is up…

Here is a close up of the center with some fancy circular bullion knots and seed beads around the inner pink petals. I like the combination of felted wool and designer cottons. I am getting lots of ideas for the future…

Each block takes me about 3 days to finish… I am expected to do a little house keeping – keep milk in the fridge, make the odd meal, even a little laundry?


So that leaves me around 27 days a month… I came home with 6 African Folklore embroidery kits from Leora in California. I am enjoying my safari!

This peacock was fun. I added some of the South African hand dyed silk ribbon and then some beads… The peacock fabric borders came from Birch fabrics in Paso Robles. I did lots of good shopping on that trip!

I added some batik fabrics and a little silk ribbon to my elephant teapot.

Steve thought this turtle looked grumpy. The mouth was definitely turned down so I added an extra line to try and make him look a little happier! This one also has some added appliqued batik pieces. I found the gold sequins in my embellishment drawer and the border fabric was in my stash. It’s a Nancy Crowe design I bought at least 5 years ago.

I do  like the way this snail came out. I went for a bright color scheme and used beads from a bracelet I bought on sale in the Dollar Spot at Target! Another fabric from my stash went in the borders.

Lots of chain stitch, those colors really pop against the black fabric …


Next time I’ll be back on my machine projects. There are plenty more pictures in my catching up album!


  1. Sally Sheets said:

    The handwork is awesome! I love the snail! You lady (I have yet to meet) are talented for certain!

    March 30, 2011
    • catherineredford said:

      You are too kind! We will meet next time you are in Chicago for sure.

      March 30, 2011

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