Paintstik fun with the Centennial Quilters, La Grange

I enjoyed my change of pace last week in Tampa but now I’m back in quiltie-land again…

Today found me with the ladies of the Centennial Quilters Guild, just 17 miles from home in La Grange. Alberta had invited me to introduce the members to the delights of Shiva Paintstiks. So I packed my case and set off East on Ogden Avenue.

We covered the tables and floor with protective plastic, had a little discussion about keeping the paint where it was supposed to be… and a demo of what we could do. It was time to share out the goodies and set to work!


We had twenty four colors to choose from.


Some people got straight to cutting the protective layer off the crayons so they could start their project.


There were lots of rubbing plates,


and stencils.


These flowers came out looking great.


Here’s a multi color rubbing.


And how’s this for a combination of everything?


That’s a stencilled leaf with some blended colors around it and a rubbing plate background.

Great job ladies! Lunch was pretty good too… Definitely a fun start to my week.