Onward from California to Florida with just a short stop at home…

Another quick catch-up…

I didn’t have a class on Saturday so we started the day with a very sweet treat…A trio of Famous Maple Bacon Doughnuts from The Great Maple, made to order and served warm 🙂

No, I didn’t eat them all myself! I actually just had half a one… I shared!!

Suitably nourished, I was ready to spend the day on the show floor. Here are Sheila and Richard labelling new stock.

Teamwork makes everything easier.

I did take a few minutes to wander the market. They were busy in the DellaQ booth. I really did want a bag of my own.My last class of the the show was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I was joined by nine students to learn some Dorset Feather Stitchery.Nine needle cases were well on their way at the end of the three hours together.

All good things must come to an end. Ready to pack up the booth and go home. Tear down was well on its way by the time I got to the show there but I found a few useful things to do. Sheila left to drive back to her house and I had a quiet evening before I flew on Monday.

Goodbye Stitches SoCal! See you again at home in January.

Burbank does things a little differently to most of the airports I travel through. Passengers actually get one last walk outside in the sunshine before they board the plane. Louisiana One was parked next to us, custom painted with the state bird of Louisiana as a tribute to New Orleans, the first destination outside of Texas for Southwest Airlines! Apparently there is an Illinois plane… I will keep looking.

I had a few hours in Denver between flights so I went for a walk there and back again around the terminal… around a mile and a half according to my health app. I spotted the city in the distance…The sun set behind the plane as we made the trip into Chicago O’Hare. I usually avoid O’Hare in favor of Midway but the flight was cheaper… Remind me to avoid O’Hare in future! Steve met me in the middle of the chaos at the curb and we went home…

It snowed!Not a lot, and it didn’t even cover the roads, but enough to spur me on with my packing.

Yesterday found me back at Midway, ready for my next adventure.I’m in Lakeland, Florida ready to meet the Ladies of The Lake, Quilters of Lakeland  this evening. No snow here!

And my new DellaQ bag came with me…