One more day in Paducah…

Saturday was our last full day to make the most of all that Paducah has to offer the discerning quilter so we arose early and were able to get the tour bus to the convention center. Sheila and I had a list of vendors we needed to revisit at the show… we did that and took a few more pictures of the quilts before heading out into town. 

On the way we met the Yo-Yo ladies of Paducah,


complete with pin covered hats and hard at work making yo-yos. 


Once in town we found the quilt covered cow,


and viewed the joining of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers,


did a little more shopping and then made our way to the Quilt in a Day tent via two buses… We were getting good at those buses!!

I had seen ads for a yarn store up at 22nd and Broadway and it seemed the easiest way to get there would be to walk from the tent site so that’s what we did. I’m glad it was a good shop because it was a reasonable distance and Sheila’s bags were getting heavy… Sheila was patient with me as usual and I eventually made my purchases so we could head off to our next stop.


We were able to get a bus from the tent to the Rotary show where we had seen fabric weaving looms the first day. Never ones to make impulse decisions(?) we had considered the possible purchase of a loom for a full 3 days and come to the conclusion that they were indeed necessary… two looms later we were ready for liquid refreshment.

Here is Sheila with 2 large lemon shake-ups.


We resisted the deep-fried twinkies and ribbon fries that others were eating…


It was time to take a taxi again and so we were soon back at the hotel with the day’s purchases…


Note the yarn, essential new rulers, rag rug instructions and yes, I got the t-shirt!

A good day with lots of walking, so time to relax and rejuvenate before we set off for the Whaler’s Catch and a final dinner together. We were on the fun table…


Here we are before a hearty Paducah dinner. A highlight of the meal was a visit from some High School boys who entertained us by singing a few barber shop style numbers. They were apparently raising money to take their dates to Prom. I think they did well from our group. I hope they all enjoy their prom next week!


All good things must come to an end and that was basically it for us. We had a pleasant drive home Sunday, arriving back to rain. Steve was there before we got off the bus. He survived without me. It seems like he managed to get a lot of work done. I took Sheila back to the airport so now she’s back in sunny California. I need to work on those new shop samples again so there’s no time to get bored. 

Sandy, Susan and Ute did a great job of organizing our trip. Maybe Houston next time?