On the road again… Lake Bluff/Lake Forest, Illinois

Not much more than fifty miles to visit the Village Quilters of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest last week!

I checked in at my hotel and got myself sorted in plenty of time for dinner with my hostess before getting back on the road to head to the meeting. The GPS didn’t seem to want to find the church and I drove around Lake Bluff in a couple of small circles before discovering the entrance…

Always an adventure?

Inside, the library has gone high tec. Books are checked out on the computer. It helps when you have a retired librarian on the board…img_9894I love the buzz before a meeting when everyone is getting situated.

Friends catch up on the latest news.img_9888And then the meeting starts. The president was out of town but we had a very qualified stand in who did a great job of keeping things moving!img_9896Show and tell inspired and encouraged. This quilt was the result of a recent workshop.img_9898This one was started in a class with Gwen Marston a while ago but just finished. So bright and cheery.img_9912Using up stash fabrics is right on trend and this circular log cabin variation was apparently all from its maker’s fabric store.img_9902This little leaf came from an appliqué class with David Taylor.img_9904These little quilts were from an Edtya Sitar workshop.img_9919From small quilts to a very big one!img_9921Just a taste of the evening’s showing.

Then it was my turn!

Let’s see who was in the audience? To my left…img_9931and to my right!img_9933That’s my new Bluetooth remote and laser pointer on top of my file. It was so cool!!

And after Lessons Learned While Quilting time to get a closer look at a few of the featured quilts…img_9935I’m enjoying using the PowerPoint style presentation. Everyone gets to see the pieces up really close and I can include added extras on the screen. I take ten or so actual quilts in my suitcase and that seems to be plenty.

Time to head back to my hotel and rest up before class the next day…