On a smaller scale

Two more days until Quilt Festival – Chicago!

I am still working on my list…

Yesterday morning I made a quick trip back to Quilters Quest where I was able to admire the new sign.

DSC04014I am booked to teach an African Folklore Embroidery class when I get back from the UK in July.

On my way there my little car passed a milestone… I noticed the mileage when I was stopped at a red light,

DSC04015 but then there wasn’t a red light when it reached this special number (oops!)…

DSC04017 The next red light was actually quite a long way down the road…


That number represent more than five years of small adventures. When the children were at home I could easily add 300 miles in a week, just driving around town. These days if I am going a long way I take the “big car” so I think it will be a long time before I double that number but I thought it was an achievement worth noting!

Back to quiltie matters.

After our first printed banner came from Spoonflower for Naperville MQG we decided to order a smaller version too. They came two to a yard, so now we have an abundance of banners!

I quilted one of the little ones yesterday afternoon with some modern walking foot lines,  1/2″ apart on the horizontal. Then I added some vertical lines on the left hand side “blocks” and a spiral over the “covered bridge”. White Aurifil #50 added texture without changing the color very nicely.

I added a machine stitched binding and a hanging sleeve and here it is…

DSC04022 A close up of the spiral.

DSC04023 This one is 14″ x 40″ so it’s about one quarter of its larger counterpart. I have yet to decide how to quilt the third one but I think it will be a while before it gets to the top of my list…


Meanwhile, I have been stitching away at some more African Folklore Embroidery pieces. I am working towards another quilt…

I finished a butterfly in shades of gold and red.

DSC04028This close-up shows the woven circles on the wings…

DSC04029 That was my second butterfly. It looks very different to the first one I stitched a few years ago.

DSC05587Butterfly finished, I moved on to some African huts.

DSC04030 I used a different stitch for each roof.

This one is chain stitch and stem stitch.

DSC04031 Next is a chain stitch and cross stitch combination,

DSC04032 then chain stitch and fly stitch in a variegated thread,

DSC04033 and lastly overlapping lines of blanket (buttonhole) stitch. This hut has couched hand dyed silk ribbons for the walls.

DSC04034Now I’m working on the Protea design. I will be stitching it in Open Studios on Friday. I’ve nearly got all my bits ready… Julia designed me a great selection of business cards which we got properly printed.


So, I’ll soon be all set.

Tonight is the “changing of the board” meeting for Riverwalk Quilters Guild. I have been writing a President’s report. I’m on my fourth page, 1963 words so far!! One thing I know for sure is that I am often not very detail orientated. It’s a good thing that we have a two year term limit on board positions. I will add my past president pin to my name tag and let the new president sort everything out…