NW Suburban Quilting Friends, Palatine, Illinois

I set my alarm for six o’clock to make sure I would have enough time to put the finishing touches to my presentation yesterday morning. I know that lots of people get out of bed earlier than that every day but I don’t and the alarm woke me up from the middle of a very interesting dream.

I managed to focus and use my time wisely. All my slides were in the right order and my talk was printed out ready to leave the house just about when I had planned. No rain so the journey was easy and I arrived at the NW Suburban Quilting Friends in Palatine with time to spare.

I set everything up so that people could take a good look at my wares before the meeting started.There was some business. The friends are very friendly! They are planning a bus trip to Wisconsin coming up soon and it all sounded like lots of fun.

Next up was Show and Tell.

This is a crocheted blanket representing the weather for the first three months of the year. Each row represents one day with the color relating to the temperature that day.This is a little machine appliqué wall hanging in lovely warm colors.Ruth had made the top she was wearing and a couple of cute Project Linus quilts.I’m never going to make a t-shirt quilt so I always admire a finished one! I liked the shadow setting on the one on display.My turn!

I asked everyone to smile for the camera. Most people obliged…
It was my first outing with my new lecture, Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches. I was a little anxious about how it would be received. The ladies were very good sports and joined in with enthusiasm. There were lots of prizes, even for the losers, so I’m sure that helped! I think everyone went home reasonably happy, some might even have learnt a few things? Do you know where the geographical center of Africa is located?

Not all the members went straight home. The fun continued with a trip to the local Red Apple restaurant. We were quite a crowd on our L-shaped table.

Looking one way,and then the other.The portions were very generous and I brought my dinner home with me!

I do enjoy my work…


It was a beautiful spring day yesterday and when I returned home I took a few minutes to look in my garden. The daffodils are all finished but the Hellebores are still flowering,and the Bleeding Hearts are doing well.I think everything is coming up a few weeks earlier than usual. The dandelions are certainly in full bloom!

I have some exciting projects on the go at the moment. I signed a contract today for one that I think is going to be quite challenging. There will be more details to follow. I need to clear up yet again before I set to work but I have a plan…

Maybe I’ll do a little embroidery this evening while I think about the clearing up?


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  1. lynn bourgeois said:

    Thank you for sharing the pics of what is blooming in your garden. Our spring in this part of Nova Scotia has not yet reached the same stage, so it is a treat to see your garden. Have a great week

    April 19, 2017

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