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After all the excitement of the Iron Quilter Challenge it was time to settle down and take life a little more seriously.

Really? You believe that of me?

I packed my bag for the morning before I went to sleep and I did set the alarm for an early wake up call on Tuesday. I enjoyed watching the sun come up again.And then it was time to head over the bridge to the BERNINA classroom where twenty six brand new, just out of the box, machines were waiting…Four full classes in two days. I needed to get myself sorted and get acquainted with the B570QE

It’s an all new machine with an extended free arm and built in dual feed which made it ideal for our Walking Foot quilting classes. Not everyone agrees that you can substitute the dual feed for a walking foot, but I find it works well and the increased visibility makes everything so much easier.

We used every minute of our three hour classes to get through all the different demos and stitching practice.

Here’s the first class in action…
We tried the three built in serpentine stitch variations.

It makes an interesting grid when stitched horizontally and vertically.Class two on Tuesday afternoon didn’t waste any time getting to work!

But what would Festival be without the quilts?

If it’s Tuesday evening it must be the Winners Circle!Sheila and I sat on the back row so we could stand up if we couldn’t see. There are twenty one categories in the judged show and then eight “top awards”, with a few extra ones thrown in here and there. You can see the whole list here on the IQA website. It is a wonderful display of the best of international quilt making, culminating in the Best of Show Award.Even though we were a long way back I managed to use my zoom lens to get a picture of a very happy Janet Stone accepting her very big check!!After all the awards are presented there is an opportunity to see the first place winners and their quilts close up. Here’s my friend Ana Buzzalino and The Prairie’s Changing Landscape, winner in Art-Abstract, Small. She quilted it with her walking foot!And here’s Freida Anderson with Unfurling, winner of the Innovative pieced category.A super evening!

Wednesday morning found me back in the classroom for my third full Walking Foot Quilting class.The students concentrated and worked hard!It’s interesting teaching three classes, one after the other, all the same and yet so different… I was told that the class could have filled at least five times so it’ll be back next year!

Time for a change of pace.

My Wrapped in Scraps, clothes line bowl class was also full. I split the class into two groups and repeated every demo twice to make sure everyone got the chance to get up close and ask their questions.

I tried to include everyone in at least one picture.
The far right side of the room,and looking left,bowls grew,
and took shape!This one went home well on its way to being finished…This one was pronounced done!The show floor opens at 5 pm on Wednesday evening so some class members were a little antsy to get in line… It’s ok! I didn’t take it personally if a few people packed up early. I stayed until five!

I really enjoyed my sewing machine classes this year. The machines worked so well and Kathy from BERNINA was a super supportive classroom assistant. I think I might need a new B570QE myself… (did I mention it has pick up trucks, sea horses and kangaroos amongst the 450 decorative stitches?)

After all that excitement it was time for the faculty light supper and then a short wander around the show floor with Sheila before repacking my bags for Thursday…

More fun to follow!


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    Great fun to be part of the festival.

    November 12, 2017

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