March Butterflies

February just whizzed by and now it’s a new month…

Are you ready for a new butterfly?

This time it really is a butterfly. As always the downloadable designs are under the Year of Butterflies tab. Click on the design you want and it will come up all ready to print. Thanks again to Julia for sorting me out and having them ready on time 🙂

Here’s my version of the embroidered butterfly.I stitched the outlines in chainstitch before wrapping some of it, and adding up and down stitch to the oval insets on the wings. Those are whipped woven circles on the top pair of wings and bullion stitches on the lower pair. Add some french knots, lazy daisy, straight stitches and running stitch and we’re done!

Let’s look a little closer.I’ve just noticed a stray thread in that last picture. I’m in Indiana  so there’s not a lot I can do about it right now!

If wool is your preference here’s my woolen interpretation, using milled wools from SueSpargo again.I simplified the outlines a little but had fun with the tete du boeuf stitch around the pale blue sections. I outlined the whole butterfly with size 8 beads in shades of coral.

You can see the textures better in my angled shots?This month’s design is little bigger than the last two so make sure to print it portrait style to avoid any problems.

That’s it. The Facebook group is growing. Join it to post your progress pictures, enjoy what other people are stitching and get any updates I have for you.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Sue H said:

    Beautiful! Love the stitching on your butterflies!

    March 3, 2018

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