Life Beneath the Surface

I’ve put off writing a blog post for lots of reasons but here I am, over two weeks since the last one. This is not my usual style of post. I’m going to start with some thoughts before I get to a stitching update.

2020 was not supposed to turn out like this, life was great and things were going so well?

But we all know appearances are deceptive. A global pandemic was already brewing, and historical actions have far-reaching consequences that maybe this time will be fully acknowledged and we will do the hard work that needs doing, both me personally and us as a nation.

Here’s where I’m at. I am a privileged white female who has benefitted from an amazing education and many wonderful opportunities due to my family of birth.  Those privileges are not universally available and that’s not fair. I could spend my time feeling guilty but that won’t help anyone. What I can do is take the time to educate myself and take informed steps to do what I can do to set things right.

When I started out on the road I made a decision that I could not tolerate any form of racial or gender discrimination. I am always mindful that I am a guest as I travel, and that we all have different political opinions. However, as some of you know, if I’m asked a question I will absolutely speak my mind. Also, if my silence can be taken for agreement on a subject I will not stay quiet.

And yes, Black Lives Matter.

And yes, an inmate with a life sentence deserves access to the same medical treatment as me. (I was asked that question once and wow, it took me by surprise)


My life goes on and I am still stitching.

After the Instagram blackout day I have struggled to know how to post appropriately.  I have posted less. I had prepared some happy pieces to embellish during Virtual Quilt Market but my heart was not there. I went in a different direction and stitched this instead.

Twelve inches square, shades of black thread. Here’s a close up.

All the feelings? I’m still looking for a title.

I did go back to the other pieces I had prepared and added embroidery.

Moving Forward.


Secret stitching for a contract with a deadline is also underway. Today’s featured image at the top of the post gives you peak behind the scenes. Yes, pressing matters! I’m now at the binding stage. I have a lot of bindings to hand sew down.

Things are opening up around here. I taped a You Tube chat with Gayle at BERNINA of Naperville on Saturday. If you have an hour to spare you can watch it here. We talked about life, machine quilting and English Paper Piecing. I basted and stitched some hexagons together…

That was before my visit to see Helen, my most excellent hair dresser. Yes, I finally got my hair cut. 

Thanks Helen, I can see again!!

I’m going to be teaching at Thimbles in Lockport this Saturday. We have restricted the class to nine students for some Walking Foot Quilting fun. I will be wearing a mask and have plenty of hand sanitizer available. It’s been a more than three months since I last taught. I will let you know how it goes…


  1. Susan Dunne-Lederhaas said:

    Truly, it has been difficult to focus at times, and I seem to be unproductive at times.. But where am I going that I need to put out oodles..I have been concentrating on small and original, which I love the most..Starting to work on a Civil War Reproduction fabrics quilt, that was intended for him 19 years ago!! I pulled it out last week and started working soon it again..feels good..
    Susan Dunne-Lederhaas

    June 17, 2020
  2. Sharon Tucker said:

    Thanks for sharing your honest feelings. These are indeed troubling times, and I agree with your thoughts. It is time for us all to stop, listen and learn, and realize that social injustice still exists. I also think it is great that you “worked out” some of your feelings in the black quilting piece. Working out the name for it could be therapeutic. One possibility is to name it something that references the grieving process. The name of it could be a reference to the fact that the problems in our country today are multifaceted and there is no simple solution. Another option is to give it a name that indicates we are at bottom of the abyss and ready to rebuild for a better tomorrow? Maybe a teeny yellow-gold embroidered sunshine near the top would add some hope for the future!

    June 18, 2020

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