Learning Lessons in Birmingham, Alabama

Less than twenty four hours after I arrived home from Festival the purple bags were repacked and ready to go again. Two suitcases for checking, one at 49.5 lbs and the other at a slightly lighter 48! The full size carry on was full too…IMG_6256There was a short delay at Midway waiting for our plane to come in from Oklahoma but it’s not a long flight to Birmingham. Everything arrived safely in Alabama where Lura was waiting to pick us up.

It was a short night. Before I knew it, it was morning and time for the Birmingham Quilters Guild‘s meeting.

There was a line at the check in table.IMG_6259The treasurer was busy.IMG_6258The cuddle quilt table was a happy place.IMG_6264Who doesn’t like something for nothing?IMG_6260Nearly ready to start.IMG_6266After a packed business meeting there was show and tell. Quilts were hung on clothesline around the room and makers took turns describing their creations.

Here’s a super star quilt.IMG_6268This pair of quilts was made by a friend of the family from shirts in memory of a much loved husband.IMG_6257And then it was time for the guest speaker… me!

Begin with a group photo. What a great crowd.IMG_6272I was booked for Lessons Learned While Quilting, an hour of trunk show, inspirational quotes and lots of fun.  I certainly enjoyed myself and it seemed like the quilters did too.

Time for a little shopping at my table…IMG_6275and a closer look at the quilts.IMG_6274Lunch and back to Lura’s to get ready for the next day…


  1. Claire from Alabama said:

    We loved having you here at Birmingham Quilters Guild!

    April 15, 2016
  2. Antoinette Johnson said:

    Truly enjoyed your trunk show. Now I can start my own quilts as i was inspired. AJohnson

    April 15, 2016
  3. Lynne Crocker said:

    Catherine, your visit to BQG was enjoyed by all and the Walking Foot class I took on Wednesday was SUPER! So much wonderful instruction and so much fun. Ya’ll ( a Southern word) are welcome anytime! We all had a ball!

    April 15, 2016

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