it’s a nice life…

Joanne came with me to Joliet Quilt Guild. She helped me type up my lecture and added a few amusing asides… It was fun having her with me. Now she knows what her mother gets up to in public…

She took some pictures, I think this is one of the least bad ones…


I’m holding forth about my Phil Beaver quilt … They say the camera doesn’t lie but I’m not too sure.


The Wednesday of that week I decided it was about time to make another Priority Quilt for the Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative… Ami Simms called me back in April to tell me about an exhibit she’s planning for 2011 and who can resist a request from Ami? So I had a wonderful day working in the basement and made Unravelling 2,


Basically a remake of Unravelling but I used recycled sari silk for the spirals. And then Unravelling 3,


This one has a purple strip down the center, the color of Alzheimers. I’ll be sending them off soon. I hope Ami likes them.


Julia came over on Saturday. We went to IKEA to choose curtains for her living room. Then we were home with a few hours to spare. Joanne was around so it was time for a sisterly bonding exercise…

The loom I bought in Paducah was still in its elemental form… wood planks, nails, screws and pencil rods so what better project for two able, practical girls to work on?


I’m not sure why Julia needed her phone. That is the instruction book on her lap… and Joanne at work on the floor.


Julia decided she was  more than ornamental when it came to banging in the nails… but perhaps it takes three to build a loom…


John should know by now that there is always a project in hand whenever he comes to visit. After a little while and a lot of encouraging words the loom was finished…


Don’t they look pleased with themselves?

Never one to sit around twiddling my thumbs, I added the warp on Sunday,


and started weaving. On Monday afternoon I really got down to business,


and by late Wednesday evening my first rag rug was finished.


It took about half my drawer of blue fabrics cut into 3″ strips. Next up will be a red rag rug. There are places in the blue one that could be better so we shall see if practice makes perfect.


Steve often reminds me that I have a nice life. I guess it’s true.

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