International Quilt Festival, Houston 2021!

I started writing my post almost two weeks ago. It’s time to get on with things… This is going to be a brief overview of my time in Houston for International Quilt Festival. I have to say it was intense.

It was a whirlwind of activity getting ready to go. Three checked bags, a carryon suitcase and my tech bag later, Steve got me to Midway on time for my early flight and away we went. I met some lovely ladies at the gate. They caught up with me again at Hobby in Houston and offered me a ride to my hotel in their pre-arranged limo. An excellent idea 😀

The foyer in the Hilton was noticeably quieter than at previous Festivals and there was no line to check in. It was all seamless (which is a good thing for a quilt show?) I registered at the teacher’s room and checked my boxes (my books were there but my business cards had not arrived) Time to walk over to the Phoenicia grocery store and stock my fridge.

My room was on the 17th floor overlooking the Convention Center and I was up before sunrise every day ready to start class.

I never knew who I might meet, wandering the corridors in search of my assigned room!I had a full schedule of classes, Forums and Open Studios. I was busy! I took very few pictures. This is what a full, socially distanced, embroidery class looks like from the back of the room.

It was a different experience to years past but we had a good time. The students worked hard. They shopped well. It was good to be back!

When I wasn’t scheduled to be anywhere else you could find me in the Global Artisans booth with Richard. We had a beautiful new banner.

My comfy chair was ready for me. Richard tried it out…We sold a lot of thread. It needed restocking more than once.I did have time to catch up with a few friends. I needed a picture with Teresa. (Hawke slipped in too)I have been following Morris Textiles on Instagram and Leisa’s booth was just around the corner from us.I managed a very quick walk around the quilts on the Sunday morning before the show opened. (One of the advantages of being an exhibitor). You can find lots of pictures on other people’s pages so I won’t put them here.

Of course I loved the Global Artisans sponsored, Mapula Embroidery exhibit of hand stitched pieces chronicling the impact of Covid on the South African community. Here’s the one representing May last year.I stayed to help tear down and pack away the booth on Sunday evening. We had a wonderful temp worker who got us organized and the job was done in record time.

I enjoyed a slow start to Monday before heading back to the airport for my flight to Chicago. I misread the signs and sat at the wrong gate for a while before realizing my mistake. (Not the first time I have done that…) We had a gold plane to take us home!Of course, life is always an adventure… the flight took us through New Orleans and, while on the tarmac there, one of the ground crew lost his baseball cap into the air conditioning system (!!) That led to a delay while it was being retrieved which the sun was setting as we took off. I was on the right side of the plane (the left side) to enjoy the view.

Steve was waiting for me at Midway. My luggage arrived safely and that was Houston for another year…

Like I said it was intense!

Since then I have taught 5 Zoom classes. I just have the third part of my Creative Spark wool appliqué class to go on Wednesday and I am done for the year. I’m headed down to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Tennessee on Thursday morning to hang out in the booth with Richard until Saturday. If you are in the area come and say hello. We have lots of new products to share. You can also find everything on the Global Artisans website. I have been busy making sample swatches of the new Vinni’s Colors yarns. They will be in my bag on Thursday.

We enjoyed some visitors at the weekend. Julia and Matt came and sorted out our yard. It was cold. Ruby and Benjamin wisely stayed inside and played with their younger cousins… Joanne was also in town with Emily, Bonnie and Teddy.

Benjamin finally finished the puzzle that has been sitting on our dining room table since his last visit. (Really grandma, does everything have to be about quilts?)

Teddy posed well for his picture… at six weeks old I guess he doesn’t have much choice.And we did get one with grandpa!! CoComelon might have been on the TV!

Ever onwards.

BTW: The missing parcel was tracked down and redirected… I have 1000 new postcard size business cards ready for distribution in the new year.


  1. Sandy Hess said:

    Very nice article. Sounds wonderful. Will be good to see you again.

    November 15, 2021
  2. Sue H said:

    Have fun in TN! It was good to catch up with you again!

    November 17, 2021

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