Having fun in California

Two days at Long Beach show… and one more to go. I’ve made a “woven treasure tassel” with Robin Atkins

It’s almost finished, just needs the cords trimming and sealing. Robin was a very knowledgeable, patient teacher. 

So, that was an all day class, two three hours sessions with a two hour break for lunch.

Rather than just sit and relax we went to the Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors luncheon “Surviving the Runway – the Ultimate Creative Challenge”. We went ready to meet the challenge, not quite sure what it might mean….

Each table was handed a pile of bingo cards which we passed around not knowing that one of them was marked. Sheila ended up as the “chosen one” and then the real fun began. We were given a selection of craft materials and told to dress the victim in a Hawaiian style outfit using anything available on the table or anything we might happen to have in our bags.

Ever ready for everything we just so happened to have a stapler, some ribbon and a few other handy odds and ends… Not one to hold back I got the table organized and here is the result…


Like the tea cups? There were no coconuts so we improvised! Sheila outdid herself sashaying and dancing across the runway and no surprise to anyone that knows us…. was the grand prize winner.

Here she is getting her case of Aurifil thread while Pokey looks on. She also won a Babylock EMB12, not bad for a few minutes humiliation… the rest of us at the table got a little goody bag of fun things. And to think Sheila nearly didn’t sign up for the lunch.

In the evening I took “Victorian Embroidery Stitches” with Judith Baker Montano. She showed us some very pretty silk ribbon flower stitches which I intend to practice when I get home.

And then home to Ben and Delane’s in Los Alamitos…

Today we set off again at 7.15 but this time we stopped in at McDonald’s for a large coffee and a yogurt parfait. That was excellent preparation for “Fiber Fusion Art Book” with Traci Bautista. She was a real bundle of creative energy!

and this is what I did…


Notice the mess? I seemed to get the most paint on the table cloth of anyone… Fortunately I was wearing a multi colored t-shirt. The book binding skills are going to come in handy and it was fun going back to nursery with the paint and all that.

We did get to go and look at the Show today… no quilts yet, just the vendors. I didn’t buy anything but I did take notes and am ready to spend tomorrow.


  1. Julia Kindler said:

    looks like you’re having too much fun! sheila looks very nice in her…outfit?

    July 28, 2008
  2. Susan said:

    Catherine, I was in your “tassel class” and love how yours turned out. My bracelet is still a work in progress. It WILL be finished, however!

    July 29, 2008
  3. Denise Brown said:

    Hi Catherine,

    I can tell you and Sheila had a great time. Sheila is too funny! I wish I had been there to see it live.

    Thanks for coming to visit us at IEQG last night. Your quilt’s were beautiful and your speech was very enjoyable.

    Take Care.

    July 29, 2008
  4. Sandie McFerran said:

    Hi Catherine – boy did you make our Guild meeting something special … your quilts and presentation were intersting and exciting and you certainly made us laugh .. was that WITH you ?? I love the platter liner – that is first rate!
    The pictures of Sheila are a riot – we don’t usually see her all decked out – and that was a truly WINNING ensemble.
    And regards the Earthquake – it’s like I was told: “Welcome to California”
    With affection,

    July 31, 2008

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