Happy and Scrappy at Road to California

Thursday’s class was Happy Scrappy Improv Quilts. Students are required to bring a bag of their favorite scraps and their happy thoughts!

With a full class enrolled, we soon had the design walls up, the introductions over and the sewing machines humming.

IMG_4989Smiling while sewing was not optional…IMG_4990Units quickly started appearing…IMG_4991We took a gallery walk to admire each other’s work before breaking for lunch.

Everyone was at a different stage in construction.
IMG_5007This one looked nearly done?IMG_4997Look closely to see the narrow strips.IMG_5002Lunch was well earned and we took the whole two hours so we could return refreshed and ready to look at the morning’s work through fresh eyes.

Jeannie tried out some different width strips before sewing her units together.IMG_5018More sewing time…

By the end of the class virtually everyone had a finished top.
IMG_5033or just a few seams to sew.IMG_5031Cute puppies!IMG_5030Wow!IMG_5026
There really was something special about everyone’s creation. I love how everyone took the concept and just went with it. For some it was the first time they hadn’t followed a pattern, I’m hoping it isn’t the last!


  1. Mary/Melody said:

    Love it that you post so many photos. It is always fun (and this time even more so) to see everyone’s creations.

    January 22, 2016
  2. It is fun to just create like that – I did a summer jumble quilt. Now I want to perfect my free motion quilting so I can add more stitches to it.

    January 22, 2016

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