Good times!

Well, I made it to Wisconsin!

I decided to wait a day and spent Saturday not doing a lot of anything…

That meant I was in a much better state to drive the 326 miles to Chippewa Falls, home to Leinenkugel’s, and the westernmost out post of the Redford clan.

And who was waiting to greet me? 🙂

Five months old and two weeks post cleft repair surgery. Looking great?

Today I put the final stitches in a crocheted blanket for the winter, and spent just a little while holding a baby who needed a cuddle from grandma. Those arm restraints are getting in the way of Christopher having too much fun. He deserves a little extra TLC. Someone with a sense of humor enjoyed designing the pattern?


Meanwhile that podcast with Pat Sloan went live this afternoon. You can find it here. I’m going to listen to it tomorrow while I am driving to my Machine Quilting class at Stitch Supply Co. Pat had four guests on the show and I’m the last one. Please let me know what you think!



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