Going home

This is my last morning here at Sheila’s. We have been busy the last few days…

On Wednesday we visited the Terra cotta Warriors exhibition at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The warriors are 2200 years old. It was a very impressive showing. We listened to every word of the audio tour and are now well informed on the reign of the First Emperor.

Here we are together! I bought some replica ancient coins. Look for them on a little quilt soon!

Then we visited Material Possessions Quilt Shop in Lake Forest. I had visited their stand at the quilt show and knew they had the whole line of new McKenna Ryan fabrics for her latest series of quilts. So, an hour later I filled a stash card and was able to redeem it before we headed home.

My shopping bags are behind me…

On Thursday we headed down to San Diego. After a stop at two shops in Temecula where we bought some felted wool … we arrived at “Quilt in a Day” in San Marcos. Eleanor Burns has a reserved parking spot.

We saw where filming is going on for her new “Victory Quilts” series. There was some fun California fabric I needed.

Next stop was Amidon Quiltworks in Poway and then Rosie’s Calico Cupboard Quilt Store in San Diego. A few large print florals, light batiks and a particularly interesting green print later we thought we had better keep moving…

We went over the bridge to Coronado Island

and then did a quick drive by of the hotel

and past an interesting tree

and the back over the bridge and north to San Clemente to meet Karen and go for a walk, followed by a Margarita overlooking the beach and the surfers.

After a brief walk down the pier we headed back to Karen’s for dinner, and a few projects she had lined up…

That brings us to yesterday and the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. It appears I took 72 pictures I decided to keep on my camera… We listened to an exhaustive (should that be exhausting?) audio tour and learned lots about the early European settlement of California. The remains of the Great Stone Church were very beautiful (ruined by an earthquake 6 years after it was completed) and the gardens were lovely.

I have enough photographs of flowers and architectural details to keep me busy for a long time.

The koi fascinated me in one of the fountains.

and I managed to capture a humming bird (what do you say when using a digital camera – it’s not “on film” anymore?) …

Then a walk and lunch at Dana Point and back to Sheila’s via one more quilt store.

I have managed to get everything into my two suitcases and roll on hand luggage. Joanne checked us in yesterday afternoon. We are in the “A’s” so it’s all good. It has been a most excellent trip. I hope Sheila isn’t too exhausted. I have got lots of projects and ideas to last a while.

The sun always shines in California but just occasionally the earth shakes…