Getting our happy on in Ohio!

They start their classes at a very civilized hour in Centerville!

I guess it helps that the library doesn’t open until 10 so we couldn’t get in the room until then… Many hands make light(ish)work and it wasn’t too long until everyone was set up and after some discussion and a demo stitching commenced!

With breaks every so often for more discussion and demos, and lunch of course, units appeared on design walls…
IMG_8361every which way you looked!
IMG_8363Decisions needed to be made as to which units fit togetherIMG_8355 but by the final show and tell everybody had something to share.IMG_8368For some reason the color on this picture is way off but there was some very fun stuff going on in this one.IMG_8372I’m excited to see where this will go.IMG_8371Theresa showed at least two sides to her quiltie personality?IMG_8366These blocks might or might not end up in this arrangement!IMG_8365Did you notice all the little inserts in everybody’s pieces? The ladies really liked the tips for straight even 1/4″ strips.

Before we knew it it was 3.30 and all good things must come to an end. Just time for a group photo of our intrepid happy stitchers.

In the middle of all this hard work my phone buzzed in my pocket… Like any polite teacher I ignored it until lunch and then I had a quick look to see what I had missed.

No! My flight home was cancelled. After escaping unscathed in all the SouthWest computer crash shenanigans last week the weather caught me out… Time to exhibit grace under pressure? I tried!!

A few minutes on the computer, some messages back and forth with Steve and a phone call to make sure I had done the right thing I was rescheduled for this morning at 6.15 AM. I had a hotel room by the airport booked and Steve would be able to pick me up at Midway and get me home to unpack, clear up, and repack for tonight’s flight to Europe… No problem!

Back to the lunch break and on with the class.

With no rush to get my evening flight Theresa, Mary Ellen and Debby took me out to dinner at Harrison’s in Tipp City. After the miserable weather we had been watching out the library window during the day it was a lovely evening.

Here are my hostesses full of dinner and ready to take me to my hotel.IMG_8384I booked a five o’clock shuttle this morning which you might realize is NOT my thing and I have to admit I didn’t sleep too well but I made it onto the plane, dozed for the 45 minute trip and met my bags and Steve at the baggage claim in Midway at 6.15…the time difference does do funny things to one…

I’m home, I’ve put the first load of dishes in the dishwasher (Steve what did you do when I was away? Well, he did cut the grass!) The laundry is in the dryer. My quilts are all unpacked and resting. Next up is a little tidying before the house gets cleaned and then I’ll be repacking my bags. Reykjavik, we’ll be seeing you in the morning and then onto the grand tour…

Thanks Creative Quilters of Centerville. I hope I see you again but for now, time for the next exciting escapade!


  1. Anita B Marsh said:

    Catherine, which workshop was this — I know you’ve given workshops on stitching with wool, but I haven’t heard/seen this one — it sounds really interesting! I know you’re coming to our Naperville guild sometime in the winter — I’m not on the contracts/programs committee, but it sounds like a very fun workshop that I would like to take.

    July 29, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      Hi Anita, It’s my Happy Scrappy Improv class. Always fun. I’m just doing a lecture for your guild in December. You can always suggest a workshop if you want!!

      July 29, 2016

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