Friends and flowers

I am so glad that  have some really good friends in my life. I like flowers too. So, when they both come together it makes for a very good day…

Last Thursday was a day like that.

We started with breakfast at Quincy’s.

Every Thursday we meet for breakfast… for over 17 years I have met with the same group… and they still let me know where to be… amazing isn’t it?

And then last Thursday some of us (who didn’t have anywhere else we needed to be) went on to Lombard, to Lilacia Park. I’d heard of the park but never been there before. It was the perfect day for a stroll in the sunshine…

Here are Jan, Charley and Sue just inside the park entrance, thinking they look a little like Charley’s Angels (?).

DSC03785You can see the lilac bushes along the pathway. That’s why it’s Lilacia park… There were so many different breeds of lilac, in all shades from deep purple to palest pink and white, all in full bloom.

DSC03773DSC03812DSC03818    There were some beautiful tulips too.

DSC03807DSC03795There has to be a quilt somewhere in all the photographs I took…


You know you have good friends when they show an interest in your stitching…

Sue, actually took an African Folklore Embroidery class with me at Pieceful Heart a while ago. She started a chameleon… and she finished it too!

DSC03859And then she asked me for the butterfly. She finished that one in just two days!

DSC03857She came over and got two more on Saturday afternoon. I’ll look forward to seeing them soon.

Jan was in the class we had with Leora when she came to Riverwalk Quilters three years ago. She made this tea cup.

DSC04842That just leaves Charley? I guess she did come to McHenry a few weeks ago. I wonder if she would like to start stitching? I’d better leave it up to her. I wouldn’t want to spoil a good friendship!!

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  1. sue said:

    It was a beautiful day, and the rains have made it a great day for stitching! Since it’s Thursday tomorrow, I’ll be seeing you again! And that will make it a good day.

    May 22, 2013

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