I have spent a very happy few hours working on my African Folklore Embroidery since Leora Raikin’s visit to Naperville. The household chores have been neglected in a good cause … I have finished three projects!

After trimming the finished embroideries I framed them with 3″ strips of fabric from my stash and backed them with 12″ squares of fusible batting. Then I mounted them on 12″ art canvases. I’ve always wanted a heavy duty staple gun and this was my excuse to buy one! I like the results.

First we have “two of a kind”, the teapot I started in class,

Then there is “all in a day’s work”. I added the embroidered borders to square out the design. They were a fun chance to play a little bit longer…

The third one is “a fine fellow”. The kit contained some beautiful variegated threads which I used in the tail.

It’s very difficult to stop there but I am working on my new class samples so I have had to… for a few days anyway!

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  1. Barb Bee said:

    I so regret not taking a day off work to attend the class! Love what you can do with the threads

    April 10, 2010

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