Finishing things

Last week was a time of finishing things… I had two quilts pin basted at the beginning of the week and now I have two finished quilts, bound and everything!!

First we have a Japanese Jigsaw quilt started after the Long Beach IQA July 2008. I bought the pattern, template and fabrics from Tracy Brookshier and soon got the top made, but as we all know it’s not a quilt until its quilted. Well now it’s a quilt,


I used Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Select batting so it should wear well if it happens to go somewhere it will need washing.

I made the next top several years ago from the book Super Simple Triangles from Possibilities which is now out of print. We called it Chocolate Covered Cherries at Pieceful Heart but that was not the name in the book.


I used a piece of super soft  Valorie Wells designed flannel which I bought in Las Vegas on the way through this summer. I have discovered in the past that putting flannel on the back of a quilt can make it very heavy so I used a wool batting in this one. I have already washed it (on the cold water regular cycle), and dried it in the drier (on delicates). It held up well, so hopefully it has a happy life ahead of it.


If one bag is good then two bags have got to be better. I made my second Maple Island Grommet Bag. I had the pink fabrics in my stash and used the fuschia grommets I got from Tammy Tadd’s.


I have a white, yellow, green (gender neutral) top awaiting my attentions next…

It stopped raining yesterday long enough to go for a walk in the woods at the Arboretum. There weren’t a lot of people where we were but we did connect with the wildlife. We saw a small snake… Steve was scared it would bite but we took some photos without incident.


It was a skinny little thing, about 10″ long. It looks a lot bigger in the picture!