Crossing the country… Colorado Quilting Council

I have got so much catching up to do!

I’ve been filling in contracts, replying to emails… now it’s time to get some blog posts written…

Way back when… actually just three and a half weeks ago, I flew to Denver to meet with the members of the Colorado Quilting Council. Pam met me at the airport, I collected my luggage and we set off on the first of several adventures!

It’s always good to see a little of what there is to see when I go somewhere new. I have flown through Denver several times in the last year but it had been a while since I got the chance to venture outside. We decided a trip to the Denver Art Museum was in order. Lunch in the museum was excellent and then we spent several hours browsing the exhibits, paying particular interest to the Textile Arts, and the Indigenous Arts of North America. I took lots of pictures to remind me of what I saw and bought a fridge magnet to bring home!

The building itself is very interesting, all angles and slopes.I needed a picture of this fun sculpture aptly named The Big Sweep! Definitely big, at 40 feet tall.And I always need a reflection photograph.Pam delivered me to my hotel and I got myself organized for the next day.

I had added a coat to my luggage at the last minute and I was very glad of it when I woke up to snow on Saturday morning. We had a little drive up the mountain to Littleton. I was happy I wasn’t driving in the falling snow.I knew the members had the option of joining the meeting via Zoom. I think I might have stayed home in the comfort of my own warm and cozy chair if it had been up to me…

As it turned out there were more people on Zoom than in the room but we still had a good time.

I was impressed at the quilts that had been made for donating to local good causes. There were some very pretty ones to share.Show and Tell was good too. This quilt was made to represent lots of different countries. Suitable for the lecture to come?There was an eclectic collection of quilts on display. You can see how the people at home were able to join in on the screen to the side.And then it was my turn to take a Trip Around the World! There were about 40 hardy souls in the very large auditorium…I think people enjoyed it because we filled the remaining slots in the next day’s embroidery class. The workshop was in a local needlework store, A Stitching Shop. The full class kept me very busy and I didn’t get any pictures!

After we finished and cleared up we had time for for a quick trip to Golden to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum where a new exhibit of Log Cabin quilts had just been set up. Visitors are not allowed to put their pictures on the web so you’ll just have to imagine a bright room full of lovely quilts!

And then we popped in to town to the Golden Quilt Company. Here are Pam and Karen doing a little shopping.

I enjoyed dinner with Pam and her husband and that was the end of a very good Sunday.

I had a slightly later start on the Monday. I checked out of the hotel and then Pam and I set out on last adventure up in to the mountains with a trip to Idaho Springs, an old mining town. Note the snow was all gone and it was a lovely morning up at 7,500 feet. We enjoyed wandering the main street before a pizza lunch at Beau Jo’s, the home of Colorado-style pizza… yum!It just remained to return to the airport and fly home. It was a fun trip. Pam was a wonderful host. I hope I left lots of ideas and inspiration behind, along with all the threads, designs and notions people had purchased!

No time to sit around… there was more travel on the calendar. Check back soon to find out where I spent the next two weeks…