Cleveland continued/grandchildren update

The excitement continued after lunch with a Yo-Yo Mama segment, complete with demo of the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Makers. Cheryl took this picture while I was getting set up.

SAMSUNGThen it was time for the fourth outfit of the day and Wrapped in Scraps. This photo was taken from the green room where there was a monitor showing the taping in progress. I’m sure Pokey and I were having a perfectly sensible conversation?

SAMSUNGWhat fun! I am so glad I said yes when Pokey sent the invitation. Everybody was so kind. I felt like everyone was helped to perform absolutely at their best. There was no time for nerves or second guessing.

The segments were shot for Quilting Arts TV Series 1300 which should be aired sometime in the New Year and be available on DVD about the same time. I might have to get someone else to preview it before I dare watch…

I slept better on Thursday evening. It was nice not having to set the alarm clock but all good things come to an end and on Friday morning we loaded the car up for the return journey.

Yes, our luggage went all the way through to the front seats. And we had used everything we brought!



Cheryl drove home without incident. I stayed awake the whole time (crazy but true!). After dropping Cheryl at her house I stopped for some essential food supplies and just got back before the grandchildren and their parents.

Julia was in town for bridesmaid duties so I got to pretend to be a good grandma for the weekend.

On Saturday morning I went into Naperville with Matt to get the children new shoes. We were so early the shop hadn’t opened yet so we went for a walk. Benjamin recognized the Cat in the Hat outside the library and stopped for a photo shoot.

DSC05503 The children enjoyed choosing their new shoes. Ruby’s feet had grown almost two full sizes in 3 months.



Matt went off to join Julia at the wedding and we were left in charge. Steve decided we needed to go to the park. Once there Ruby started climbing…

DSC05507 Up she went,

DSC05508 past where she got to in the spring,

DSC05509 right up to the platform…

DSC05510 and down the slide!

DSC05511 Meanwhile Benjamin was over on the big kids climbing frame…

DSC05519 I am glad to report that we all returned safely home and were safe in our beds when the wedding participants arrived back.


What an exciting few days. This week I am preparing for my trip to Des Moines next Monday. I have made my list and I’m working my way through it. Updating my blog was on it. I can check that one off for now!