Classes, Cococay and coffee!

Last installment of the week’s travel…

Back on the ship from a wonderful day in Jamaica we were treated to a lecture from Dana Lynch and Carol Moellers about their multiple award winning quilt, Amazing Aztec-nicolor Dream Quilt.


Amazing machine appliqué from a group of eight quilters!


School was in session again Thursday. My students were scheduled for eight pm after a full day but they arrived ready to work.


I had lots to show them and they gave me their full attention!


No doubt I had something very important to share at this point…


Anyway, they stitched away on their projects


and some stayed until 10.30!


I’m looking forward to seeing some finished underwater scenes.

The ship moored off Cococay in the Bahamas on Friday morning and we were tendered ashore. I think most cruisers opted for a day on the beach…


But of course I had booked two excursions. The first was a nature trail to the far end of the island (less than a mile away!) The guide escorted us between the trees past some ruins left behind from the mid eighteen hundreds.


There were some interesting trees but not a lot of animals…

The beach was quieter and I snapped these colorful kayaks waiting for use.


I didn’t have time to sit on the beach as I needed to get back to the meeting point for my next adventure! I’ll never go scuba diving or even snorkeling so I had bought a ticket for the glass bottomed boat.

We set off around the island.


and stopped in a shallow area to look at the local life.

We were told not to miss a large clownfish swimming under the boat,


He was good for a laugh!

Our friendly diver brought all kinds of good things on board for us to examine at close quarters. First up was this large starfish,


followed by a smaller one.


The goodies included a live sand dollar (notice the hexagons!)


and a spiny lobster,


amongst other things. The sea cucumbers were interesting…

All too soon it was time to go back to port where an iguana was enjoying the sun,


and take the tender back to the ship.


How comes when I’m on the top deck of the tender the bottom deck is allowed off first but when I choose the bottom deck the top passengers disembark first?…


Time to collect a final coffee from the onboard cafe,


and get ready for the Graduation Cocktail Party and one last dinner.

Six nights at sea in the sun! It was fun. Even though I was traveling alone this time how can you fail to enjoy yourself when you’re with a super group of quilters? My room mate, Lee from Boise, coped well with me. Thanks Lee!


And I have my next trip with Sew Many Places planned…

How do you fancy a nine day excursion, including some of the fabulous sights of Ireland, an excursion to the Titanic Museum in Northern Island and the wonderful Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England? I’m working on an embroidery and English Paper Piecing project for us to stitch on. Find out more by clicking on the new button at the top right hand side of my web site. There are a limited number of spots available. I’m looking forward to it already!


  1. Sandra Hess said:

    Love following your travels!

    March 4, 2015
  2. Susan Earl said:

    Love living vicariously through you. Thanks for shaing.

    March 4, 2015
  3. I would love to go on a quilt cruise. I was wondering, are there any quilters under 45 on a cruise like the one you are on?
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

    March 7, 2015

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